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What a crazy year. Due to COVID, many of my classes were cancelled and one was taught online (Casting Spells). It was a bit of a change, but the students and ANG did a great job. Many thanks to Candy Chadderton for all she does.

I volunteer some of my time for the National Academy of Needlearts (NAN) and my local ANG chapter, Magnificent Obsession. The beginning of the year was spent trying to figure out what was best for the NAN attendees and teachers and for the most part, classes were cancelled. There were a few held in a modified virtual environment. We are adapting and 2021 will have a few changes.

For the first time in my stitching life, I was able to complete 20 pieces in a year, which included five new designs; Simply Spring, Heart of the Sea, Snow Drifted Pathways and Beach Treasures, four are below.

And, the best part of 2020, I was able to retire from my day job as a computer programmer. I worked at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan for 42 years. which was a great place to work, but I was ready to retire. When the company offered a voluntary separation, which included a years pay with benefits. I jumped on it and haven't looked back. I thought it would be hard, but it got easier as the final day approached.

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